The thought of having to chose a Prosthetic provide can be overwhelming. That's why at any of our facilities, you will find a board certified Prothetist to listen to all your wants and needs. We work hand in hand with your physician, physical therapist, and family so that you can make a transition to leading a very normal life with your prosthesis. We are able to offer a wide variety of prosthetics anywhere from the new cutting edge technologies to the custom made prosthesis that is comfortable to you.

Prosthetic Services (This is a general list - we provide customized services for all amputees):

  • AK- Above the Knee Amputee
  • BK- Below the Knee Amputee
  • AE- Above the Elbow Amputee
  • BE- Below the Elbow Amputee
  • Hip Disarticulate Amputees
  • Hand Amputees